3 Things I’ve Learned from Stepping Out.

Last year my book released. It’s crazy! I still can’t believe it. No really, I can’t.

I didn’t want to step out. I didn’t want to write a book.

I’m in complete shock every time someone stops me to tell me they’ve read it. Seeing it in a store is bizarre on every level. But there are a few things I’ve learned from stepping out:

#1 Anything can happen.

I’m a person that battles insecurity on a daily basis. Who am I? How can God use me? What do I have to offer anyone else? But when we step out, and then take another step, and another step, it’s truly INSANE what can happen. People in Germany, the UK, Afghanistan, Israel, and every state in the country have read my book. What?! There are stories coming in of people praying for the first time because of it. People’s parents, friends, and kids praying for the first time. People growing in their prayer life. Because of a book? That I wrote? My only hope and goal going into the process was that the book would encourage one person to talk with God. I’m speechless that it’s reached a few more people than I was hoping for.

What’s the lesson for you and I? Don’t limit yourself. Don’t limit what’s possible. Don’t limit what God can do in and through you! Others are waiting for you to take a step out. Not all of us are called to write a book, but God can use each of us in crazy ways when we’re willing to step out.

Don’t limit what God can do in and through you!

#2 Hard work.

I will never look at a bookstore the same way again. Ever! Now as I walk through Barnes & Noble, all I can think about is all the pain and suffering the authors went through to write these books. I kid. Sorta. The process of writing a book was enjoyable, yet grueling. In the long run though, it was all worth it. Often, I find myself wishing that I had the opportunities others seem to have. “If only I could have a chance like they have.” I failed to realize everything that went into having that “chance.” The truth is, most good things take hard work. The most rewarding things don’t come easy. Most things worthwhile don’t happen overnight. Even though writing a book felt like it came out of nowhere, even for myself, it didn’t. It came from relationships, YEARS of hard work, and the sheer grace and faithfulness of God.

What can you and I learn? Don’t expect things to fall from the sky. Don’t waste your life comparing your opportunities with someone else’s. Instead, focus on God. Roll up your sleeves. Be faithful and run the race (life) you’ve been given. Just remember, it won’t be easy! Especially if it’s something worthwhile.

Focus on God. Roll up your sleeves. Be faithful and run the race you’ve been given.

#3 Haters.

The #1 reason I didn’t want to write a book? I didn’t want the added attention that would come with it. I like living under the radar. I don’t like spotlights. I don’t like being put on a pedestal. I didn’t want to put myself out there and risk attracting a hater or two. The sad reality: we human beings don’t like when good comes someone else’s way. It makes us feel worse about ourselves. So our natural reaction? Criticize. Post online. Look for the faults. Also, life has made us so jaded that if someone is doing something good, there must be a negative reason behind what they’re doing.

What do you and I need to know? If you don’t want a hater or two to show up, NEVER step out. If you don’t want anyone to criticize you, don’t do anything worthwhile! But is that really living? Step out! Don’t listen to your haters. Especially the crazy ones who complain about everything. Definitely have checks and balances in your life (this is so important!). Say no to haters, but yes to friends that are willing to speak truth to you when needed.

If you don’t want a hater or two to show up, NEVER step out.

All in all, I wrote a book. Which is great! And it’s so cool to see God use it. But after doing so, I’m still the same person! I’m still a work-in-progress. Still completely and desperately in need of Jesus. Translation: It didn’t complete me. Don’t replace God with your goal.

Don’t replace God with your goal.

Step out, knowing your worth is in Christ! Step out, wholeheartedly pursuing the plan and purpose God has for you.


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10 Comments on "3 Things I’ve Learned from Stepping Out."

Steve Behrens

Thanks Adam, your comments are right on the mark. I for one am glad you stepped out and wrote “Talking With God”

Elizabeth Wharton

Encouraging post! I’m about half way through your book and really enjoying it. Thank you for writing!
I’m in the middle of the writing process myself and can relate to so many of these feelings. As I’m reading yours I find myself wondering about the first draft, and things you may have had to cut out, and about a hundred other things I never used to think about!
Looking forward to passing your book to my daughter when I’m done.


Thanks Adam! What you wrote inspired me!

Jerry Sweat

Awesome word, Adam! Keep stepping out!


Keep on writing sir, just by this short article of yours I am already encourage to step out of my comfort zone and act on what God wants me to do.

Max Meier

All of us can’t write a book, but we can step out in faith. Thank you for the encouragement and the work you do.