My (NEW) Book Launch Team!

I still can’t believe I wrote a book. Crazy, right? Want to know something crazier? Talking With God is being re-released as a soft cover with a brand new chapter (on listening to God). I’m SO excited about the re-release, but even more excited that I get to add a chapter I really felt was missing. 

To help spread the word, I’m assembling another book launch team! 500 people to be part of my team. 500 people who are crazy enough to help spread the word about this book, again! (Please only sign up if you’re willing to do the 2 things mentioned below). 

Beyond thankful.

What 2 things I’m asking:

  • #1 On February 27th (wait till this day), buy a paperback copy of Talking With God.
  • #2 On February 21st and February 27th, post online (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, your blog, etc) about the book and in any other way you can (email, text, telegrams, etc). Telling your friends, family, and followers about the book!
    • 23 winners will be selected on March 24th from everyone who completes these two things!

What the 23 winners will get:

Note: Everyone on the team will have access to a private Facebook Group where I’ll be sharing updates and answering questions (this was my favorite part of the first launch team!). 

Wanting to be part of My Book Launch Team?

The form below will close Tuesday, February 13th at 5pm (CST). I’ll be emailing everyone shortly after the 13th.  Thanks again.


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2 Comments on "My (NEW) Book Launch Team!"

Steve Murray

I’m excite and encouraged about what you are doing at Embrace. Glad to be a part of the book launch team. I keep you and the ministry of Embrace in my prayers.