I’m so Angry at God

Recently after speaking at a church, I had a young lady come up to me after the service crying. As a little girl she had experienced the unimaginable: Her dad killed her mom. In front of her. Leaving her and her siblings to be raised by a grandparent.

She came up and asked:

“How can I let go of this anger that I have towards God? How can I learn to trust Him?”

Now, a majority of us have maybe never experienced something to this degree. And yet, bitterness and resentment toward God is something that so many of us can relate to.

Bitterness and resentment toward God is something that so many of us can relate to.

Whether it’s:

finding out you have cancer,

going through a divorce,

being hurt by someone,

losing a loved one,

having a rough childhood,

experiencing a miscarriage,

losing a job,

or being single when you’d rather be in a relationship.

It’s easy to let feelings of bitterness, anger, and resentment toward God grow inside of us, slowly impacting our relationship with Him. Often people will completely walk away from God, the church, and anything connected with Him after going through a trial.

It’s easy to let feelings of bitterness, anger, and resentment toward God grow inside of us, slowly impacting our relationship with Him.

Back to the question though:

“How can I let go of this anger that I have towards God? How can I learn to trust Him?”

#1 Tell God all the things you’re feeling. Unfiltered. Everything.

Whether we’re hurt by a friend or we feel like God has let us down, bottling up our feelings only makes the situation worse. God can handle our questions and raw feelings! Whatever’s inside of us… say it to God! Don’t hesitate to shout either! We can do that? In the Bible, King David did. That’s enough for me. Let God know your hurt, your pain, your doubt, your frustration. God wants to hear what’s within us. He wants us to trust Him with every part of our lives. Don’t hold it in. There’s something powerful that happens when we pour our hearts out before God. In pouring out our hearts, we begin to trust Him more and more. The more we begin to trust Him, the more our hearts begin to (supernaturally) heal from the inside out.

#2 Ask God to show you His faithfulness.

At times it’s easy to see all the places where it appears that God has let us down, while completely forgetting about the countless times He has clearly provided. There are so many things in my life that I take for granted. So many situations where God was clearly at work that I overlooked. How can we learn to trust God? By looking at His previous track record in our lives.  

God, please show me all the times you’ve taken care of me.

Lord, make your faithfulness in my life clear.

#3 Believe God can use all things for good.

There are SO MANY things in life I don’t understand. Right now, I could list off tons of people who have experienced things I can’t wrap my head around. But in the same breath, I’m more certain than ever that God is good. He is loving. And even when it doesn’t seem like it, He’s in control.

What if our place of pain becomes our greatest place of passion?

What if the things we’ve walked through can be used to help others walk through similar things?

What if God is shaping and molding us into the people He created us to be?

Letting go of anger toward God may not happen all at once. But each day, hand over your anger to Him. Thankfully we have a patient, kind-hearted God who can carry everything we bring to Him. Even our anger.


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You talk about trusting God AGAIN. How do you start trusting God in the first place. No one told me about God. We shared a friendship, talked all the time — had conversations. This was when I was just a kid. I thought we would be friends forever. I was an abused child — abuse in whatever manner they desired or thought about doing. Something huge happened to me when I was 5 — something BAD. I have no clue what took place. I went to God – my friend – and asked him to send someone who could make… Read more »
Hello Cori, sometime ago I asked God why children are abused….I believe he told me that when a person is born they are born on enemy territory remember Satan is God of this world (2 Corinthians 4:4) and he is liar, thief and murderer. And if there aren’t “saved” people to intervene the god of this world continues to perform his evil work unhindered. With child abuse, as the masterful serpent he manages to steal our lives at an early age (he is the god of death). He kills our joy and faith causing us to live as though we… Read more »

I so hear your heart cry…,I don’t have an answer…what keeps me hanging on to God is the verse that says lean not to your own understanding..we just don’t know …

Corinna Cherrier

I swiped up on Instagram because I told my roommate these exact words today.. I’m so mad at God. And even while reading this post, my worries and heartaches started shrinking because we know that suffering produces perseverance, which produces character, which produces hope. Thank you for this 💕


Thank you for this timely article. I’m currently going through something as well and reading this just woke me up and made me realized that all I have to do is say it all to God, unfiltered. I sometimes forget that His ways are Always better.

Chad Freeman
Great article Adam. I just wanted to add to the conversation if I could. I spent years engulfed in my anger at God. It tainted everything from my seminary education, sermons, and all of my relationships. The most looked over aspect of being angry at God is grief. Grief is how our hearts process sorrow and suffering, and it is a long messy process. I had to confront a big fact of my faith: I cannot be angry at “God” without being angry at Jesus, the suffering savior of the world. Who wants to admit they are angry at Jesus?… Read more »

My son recently made the comment that when bad things happen to people like losing a loved one, people turn away from God and believe He is not there. This was a great message and I’m going to share it with my son! Thank you for posting!


I’m going through something huge in my life and I’ve kept my faith it might be shaky at times but I know God is with me I might feel it’s unfair or unjust but I have to believe that God’s going to see me through it and it’s part of a greater plan if I didn’t I would have no reason to go on