Preach the “Talking With God” series at your Church!

As a pastor, prayer is something that I regularly get asked about but is often a topic that’s overlooked in preaching.

Looking for a solid series to preach after Easter this year?

I’m providing all the Talking With God graphics, 3 different Talking With God bumper videos, & message notes on this post all for FREE!

Download the graphics for free here now!

Message notes will be posted for free on March 22nd (if not sooner).

Click here to download all 3 bumper videos.

**Buy 10 or more copies of Talking With God for your church or small group here for $10.49 per copy (48% off). Offer ends March 6th!

(Note: If you buy 100 or more copies, I’ll record 1 short three minute video for your church or small group! A simple hello to be played. An invitation video encouraging people to attend the series. Whatever you’d like! Simply email proof of purchase to and in the subject line write: 100 copies!)

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2 Comments on "Preach the “Talking With God” series at your Church!"


Tim Troxell
Tim Troxell
1 month 7 days ago

Thanks, Adam! We’re on board in Colorado. So grateful this is available!