Preach the “Talking With God” series at your Church!

As a pastor, prayer is something that I regularly get asked about but is often a topic that’s overlooked in preaching.

Looking for a solid series to preach after Easter this year?

I’m providing all the Talking With God graphics, 3 different Talking With God bumper videos, & message notes on this post all for FREE!

Download the graphics for free here!

Download the message notes for free here!

Click here to download all 3 bumper videos.

(Note: If you buy 100 or more copies, I’ll record 1 short three minute video for your church or small group! A simple hello to be played. An invitation video encouraging people to attend the series. Whatever you’d like! Simply email proof of purchase to and in the subject line write: 100 copies!)

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2 Comments on "Preach the “Talking With God” series at your Church!"


Tim Troxell
Tim Troxell
7 months 26 days ago

Thanks, Adam! We’re on board in Colorado. So grateful this is available!