Preach the Love Has A Name series at your Church!

Never has our world felt more divided and more in need of love! But what is love? It seems like you get a different answer depending on who you ask. A better question to ask: Who is love? You see, Love Has A Name.

Looking for a solid series to preach this August or Fall?

I’m providing all the Love Has A Name graphics, 3 different LHAN bumper videos, a 6 week small group study guide, and 3 weeks of message outlines & notes all for FREE! Click HERE to download

Want 3 Sundays off from preaching (while offering dynamic preaching)?

Available via video anytime on or after Friday, August 21st, all three weeks of me preaching the “Love has a Name” series will be available in HD for FREE!

Places to purchase LHAN: (Added note: You do not need to purchase anything to preach the series. There are no strings attached to everything above!)

BONUS BULK ORDER OFFERS (give a copy of LHAN to friends, everyone in your church, or family!)
**Offers end August 28th**

  • Buy 20 or more copies of LHAN:

I’ll record 1 three-minute video for your church or small group! A simple hello to be played. An invite video encouraging people to attend the series. Whatever you’d like! 

  • Buy 50 or more copies of LHAN:

I’ll do a 30-minute Zoom call with you and your friends. We can discuss the book, Jesus, adventures, whatever you’d like! 

  • Buy 300 or more copies of LHAN:

I’ll come to your home, group, or church (on a non-Sunday morning) to share around the book, Jesus, adventures, or whatever you’d like! I’d also be game to do a book signing at the event as well. 

  • Buy 500 or more copies of LHAN

I’ll come preach at your church for FREE (you cover only travel costs). Limited number of Sundays available. 

**To redeem above offers, simply email proof of purchase to and in the subject line write: Bulk Order Offer!

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