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Hey Everyone! Want to help spread the word about Talking With God? I would be so grateful for it! Here are a few simple ways how:

#1 Copy and share any of these posts on your social! (Ideas: Send them in text or email to friends as well.)

  • Ever struggle with prayer? The new book Talking With God is now available! Go preorder it now at! #TalkingWithGod
  • Want to pray but don’t know how? I do too! Go preorder a copy of Talking With God at #prayer #TalkingWithGod
  • Life is crazy. Prayer is simple. Go preorder a copy of Talking With God! #prayer #TalkingWithGod
  • The greatest privilege in life is talking with God! Don’t know how to pray? Go buy the new book Talking With God at
  • Get copies of Talking With God for your friends, small group, or church! 10+ copies at nearly half off at

#2 Download and share any of these videos on your social! (Ideas: Share it on your Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Myspace. Yes, Myspace is going to come back!)

Download video here!
Download video here!

#3 Post any of this pics on your social OR set them as the header on your Facebook OR use them as your wallpaper on your phone/computer! (Hint: Simply right click and save any of these images to do so!)

























Facebook Cover







Phone Wallpaper















Computer Wallpaper

























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