Stop praying about…


If you’ve been a Christian for longer than 5 minutes, you know that prayer is important.
The longer I follow Jesus, the more I find myself needing His guidance and asking for His thoughts.

But also… the longer I follow Him, the more I’m finding that there are certain things there’s no need to pray about. Yup, no need to pray! Zero. Like, we don’t need to ask God for His opinion!

This includes things like:

God, do I have to love this person that’s so different from me? We don’t agree about anything!
Is it okay to gossip about my coworker? They kinda deserve it.
Do I have to love my husband/wife? I mean, the feelings toward them are gone.
Do I need to forgive my friend? Cuz I really don’t want to!
God, what would you think if I moved in with my boyfriend? We love each other so much!

Again, there are certain things that we don’t have to ask God about. At all. We can stop praying about them!


Because there’s a whole bunch of things that God has already told us! (Hint: It’s in the Bible).

Should we love someone who thinks differently than us? Yup. Even our enemies. (Matt 5:44)
Should we gossip? Not so much. (Rom 1:29)
Should we forgive our friend? Yes again. Jesus said to forgive 70 times 7. 490 times?
That’s a lot of times huh? (Matt 18:22)
Should we move in with your boyfriend? Nope. Call God old school, but He’s never gonna tell you to do so. #marriagerocks (Gen 2:24)

There are certain things that we don’t have to ask God about. Why? Because God has already told us!

When it comes to loving someone who’s different from us… we may need to pray for the strength to love them. But we don’t need to pray about whether we should or not.

With gossiping, we may need to pray and ask God for His self-control to keep ourselves from saying things we shouldn’t, but there’s no question that we shouldn’t do so.

We often know God’s heart on something and yet we ask hoping He’ll give us a different answer.


It’s possible that we’ve asked God questions like these in the past because we’re new to the Bible. That’s completely cool and God is never annoyed when we ask Him questions. However, I think more often than not, those of us that follow Jesus are looking for loopholes. We know God’s heart on something and yet we ask hoping He gives us a different answer. When we don’t “hear from Him”, we decide to do as we please.

If God has already addressed it and we know what God has said… there is absolutely no need to “pray about it”.



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